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Shaklan Group

Our main aim is to build a strong local bond around brand loyalty among our customers.

Shaklan Group upholds a long standing tradition of a prestigious and multi faceted organization based in Dubai. Its diversified business portfolio includes retail outlets, real estate development, restaurants, catering services, food distribution etc. Shaklan Group began in 1997 with the aim of investing in, setting up, and managing commercial enterprises.

The company’s principal focus is towards the retail arenas with store formats that include Shaklan Hypermarket, Shaklan Supermarket, Shaklan Market, Shaklan Mini and Shaklan Departmental Store. Our main aim is to build a strong local bond and brand loyalty among our customers. Our long reach of customers includes local Emiratis, Western communities and Asian expats.

While browsing our stores, customers can choose from a wide variety of quality products, in every category ranging from fruits, vegetables, bakery, meat, dairy products and so many more. Furthermore, shopping at Shaklan is a mode to elevate shopping as a daily chore, as we add excellent value for money, friendly employees, freshness to our products and a vibe that will make you a part of Shaklan family.

Making it better,
easier and delightful

We go all-out to ensure the best quality service to our customers

Shaklan’s vision is to be the premier retail chain in UAE with our excellent service, employee and customer commitments.

We believe in the success obtained through excellent service by delivering quality products of both national and international brands.

We ensure that we attend to our customers’ every need and desire, so that their shopping experience tends to bring them back and spread the word around about Shaklan Supermarkets.

We deliver the right choices and great value to provide a better life for our customers.